Valentine Hearts Relief with Foil

Materials: 4'' cardboard squares, tagboard, glue, foil, spray glue, permanent markers, colored pencils

This is a great Valentine's Day project/gift! You could also bring Jim Dine into it for some art history!

1.) Using tagboard, cut out various sizes and shapes of hearts.

2.) Glue the hearts to a 4'' square piece of cardboard. I also used tagboard strips. Students can try a few different compositions before they glue.

3.) Cut the hearts and strips off at the edge of the carboard. Save the hearts!

4.) Using spray fix, glue foil over the carboard.

5.) Use a tissue to press the foil down around the edges of the hearts.

6.) Fold the excess foil onto the back of the cardboard.

7.) Use permanent markers to color around the hearts and strips.

8.) Glue the project onto a 6'' square of black paper. Trace around the heart scraps to complete the hearts.

9.) Using colored pencils, color in the hearts and extend the lines.

10.) Add patterns to the shapes with black permanent marker


  1. Thanks, I really like this relief heart lesson. Awesome, art project.


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