Oaxacan Animals with Foil and Cardboard

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Materials: cardboard, pencil, glue, foil, spray adhesive, cotton swabs, permanent markers

1.) Students drew a simple outline of an animal on paper, then transferred it to cardboard.

2.) They divided the animal into sections and drew a simple pattern in each section. They covered every pencil line with glue and let it dry.

3.) When the glue was dry, I helped them spray the animal with adhesive, then attach foil. They pressed around the foil with their fingers, then used an exacto knife to cut around the edges.

4.) The students used a cotton swab to press around the glue designs.

5.) They used permanent marker to color around the glue designs, then thin black permanent marker to add patterns on top of the color.


  1. With what age did you do this project? Very fun and beautiful!

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