Ornaments with Cardboard, Glue, and Foil

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This is a great project because these ornaments can actually hang on a tree! They also look great mounted on black paper. You can also relate this to Mexican tin art.

Materials: cardboard, glue, foil, spray adhesive, permanent markers, scissors

Optional: How to draw an ornament worksheet from TpT

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1.) You can skip this step by using pre-cut cardboard circles, or dip a container in glue and print it on cardboard.

2.) Again, you can skip this step by using pre-cut pieces. To make the top of the ornament, I used a paper towel tub bent into an oval shape and dipped it in glue.

3.) Finish the top of the ornament:

4.) Add sections to the ornament with glue:

5.) Add patterns inside of the sections with glue:

6.) When the glue has dried, cut out the pieces and glue them together.

7.) Using spray adhesive, glue foil to the ornament. Press your finger around the edge and cut around the ornament.

8.) Rub over the ornament with a tissue to make the designs stand out. You can also use a cotton swab to really press around the dried glue.

9.) Color with permanent marker, but not over the dried glue.

10.) Add patterns with black permanent marker. Punch a hole in the top of the ornament and tape string to the back.