Easy Gridding with Colored Pencils on Black Paper

Materials: viewfinders, calendar pages, rulers, sharpies, pencils, black mat board, colored pencils

1.) Using calendar pages and 5'' x 7'' viewfinders that I made out of tagboard, students found an interesting composition (we talked about different variations) and traced the rectangle with sharpie and cut it out.

2.) Students created a grid on the photo with a ruler and sharpie. This is made by drawing an "X" connecting the corners:

Then, drawing a horizontal line through the center of the "X."

Then, drawing a vertical line through the center of the "X."

The great thing about this style of gridding is that you can grid complicated sections more by continuing to draw diagonal and straight lines.

3.) Students created the same grid on black mat board.

4.) They drew their animal on the black mat board using the grid lines as a reference.

5.) We used prismacolor colored pencils. We practiced creating fur texture and focused on the direction the fur was in the photo. We also practiced blending and mixing colors.


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