Cone 6 Electric Kiln Glaze Recipes and Variations

I recently tested a few cone 6 clear glazes. I was previously using base glaze 1 from the book, "Glazes Cone 6" by Micheal Bailey. (Check out this post for those recipes: While this was a great glaze, I was having issues with it when I re-fired to cone 05 for decals. The glaze seemed to become almost matte and I wasn't happy with the look.

After my testing, I decided to use Kitten's Clear as my new base glaze. It's very clear, no crazing, takes colors well, and looks the same when I re-fire at 05. The only small issues I've had with it are that it settles (I add epsom salts dissolved in water regularly) and that it can pit if it's applied too thickly. Here is the recipe:

Kitten's Clear Cone 6 Ox.

Silica 32.8
Nepheline Syenite 24
Gerstley Borate 16.8
Strontium Carbonate 12
Wollastonite 6.4
(This is Kitten's Clear without colorants in the rectangular panel above).

I tested this glaze with lots of oxides! Here are the combinations I was most happy with:

Green: Copper Carbonate 3%

Turquoise: Cobalt Carbonate .2% + Copper Carbonate 3%

 Purple/Gray: Cobalt Carbonate .25% + Nickel Carbonate .5%

Blue: Cobalt Carbonate .2% + Copper Carbonate 2%

Light blue: Cobalt Carbonate .15%