Prismacolor Stencil Tile with Geometric and Organic Shapes

Materials: 3'' square tagboard, 6'' square black paper, colored pencils, scissors, pencils

1.) On a 3'' square of tagboard, draw an organic shape and a geometric shape on each side of the square.

2.) Cut the shapes out.

3.) On a 6'' square piece of black construction paper, trace the shapes and the outline of the square.

4.) Do the same in each corner of the construction paper so the shapes line up.

6.) To practice with the colored pencils (we used prismacolors),  I had the students draw 4 circles. In one circle, the practiced blending 2 colors. In another, the used one color to show value. In the third, they used one color with black and white to show value. In the fourth, they drew a soap bubble.

6.) Using the techniques they practiced, the students colored in their shapes.