Easy Slab Bowls with Paper Stencil Resist

This is a fun, quick, and successful project! We made 100 of these for a fundraiser.

Materials: clay, rolling pins, clay tools, circle templates, stencils, underglazes, paint brushes, clear overglaze

1.) I set up stations around my room that had newspaper, a canvas mat, wooden sticks (for rolling out an even slab), a rolling pin, a circle template (paper plate), a needle tool, and a sponge.

2.) With the rolling pin and sticks (optional), roll out an even slab.

3.) Cut around the circle template with a needle tool.

4.) With a sponge wipe around the circle to smooth the edge.

5.) Using stencils, stickers, etc., create a design. Use a sponge to press down the paper stencils. I used an Ellison machine to cut out stencils from regular copy paper. You could also use a Cricket machine, hand cut stencils, etc.

6.) Paint underglaze over everything. You may need more then one coat (just let it dry first).

7.) Create a design around the edge with a clay tool, your thumb, etc.

8.) Let the clay dry until the underglaze is no longer shiny. I put mine upside down over a plaster mold that I made. You could also put them upside down over newspaper or put them inside of a bowl. When the clay is leather hard, I remove it from the mold.

9.) Peel the stencils off.

10.) Bisque fire, then coat with clear glaze.