Easy Geometric Printmaking with Foam Shapes

Materials: Foam shapes, cardboard, spray adhesive, acrylic paint, paper, brushes, brayers

This was an easy and successful project! Each student created 4 different print designs using only one "stamp" that was created with cardboard and foam shapes. I think in the future, I will use larger cardboard squares so the students can create a more complex design.

1.) I cut 2.5'' squares out of cardboard. The students traced the squares in their sketchbooks. Using foam shapes, the experimented with different layouts. I encouraged them to start in a corner and to make their design asymmetric.

2.) When the students had a design they liked, I used spray adhesive to stick the shapes to the cardboard.

3.) We made handles out of tape and marked the corners A, B, C, and D.

4.) The students did a test print in their sketchbooks.

5.) I cut 5'' squares from various colors of construction paper. The students created 4 different prints by positioning the stamp differently. For one print, they printed the "A" corner of their cardboard in each corner of their construction paper. They created prints with B, C, and D in the corners too. The finished prints were glued to construction paper.