Sun and Moon with Bleeding Tissue Paper

This creates a vibrant and bright sun and moon project!

Materials: white or manilla tagboard, lids to trace, pencil, sharpie markers, white crayons, paint brushes, bleeding tissue paper

1.) Trace a lid with a pencil in the center of the paper.

2.) Make half of the circle a sun and half a moon. Add details to give them some personality.

3.) On the sun half only, trace over every pencil line with sharpie. Color some of the details in with sharpie.

4.) With an eraser, lightly erase over the moon half to make the pencil lines very light.

5.) With a white crayon, trace over all of the lines on the moon side. Color some of the details in with the white crayon and add some stars in the background.

6.) Get the entire paper wet with a paintbrush.

7.) Tear pieces of tissue paper into shapes about the size of a quarter. Use warm colors on the sun half and cool colors on the moon half. Use a paintbrush to smooth the tissue paper down. Make sure that the tissue paper is completely wet.

8.) Cover the entire paper with tissue paper.

9. Use a squirt bottle to make sure the tissue paper is entirely wet.

10.) Let the project dry completely!