Zentangle Hot Air Balloons

I love Zentangles. My students love Zentangles. Pretty much any Zentangle project we do comes out looking awesome. I like to do these hot air balloons in the spring time!

Materials: pencil, blue construction paper (6'' x 9''), lids to trace, sharpie markers, colored pencils

1.) The students trace the lids towards the tops of their papers.
2.) Create the balloon shape by drawing two diagonal lines on the sides of the balloon, then adding a bottom. Erase the bottom of the original circle.

3.) Towards the middle of the balloon, draw a line the curves up and another line that curves down.

4.) Add another line that curves up above the first line and another line that curves down below the second line.

5.) In each section of the hot air balloon, draw a different Zentangle pattern with sharpie.

6.) Using colored pencils, color a few details from each pattern in. Add some white clouds in the background.