Paper Stencil Resist on Pottery

Materials: post-it notes or thin paper, underglaze, paintbrush, water, sponge

1.) I make a master stencil out of cardboard, then trace it onto a block of about 5 post-it notes. I cut the design from the post-its, making only one cut through the edge of the paper. I use scotch tape to tape where I cut through the edge on each paper. 

2.) Using a sponge, I wet the stencil.

3.) Attach the stencil to the leather hard pot. It is important to make sure that edges of the stencil are pressed tightly to the pot. You can use a sponge to go around the edges to make sure.

4. Paint over the stencil with underglaze.

5.) Remove the stencil. I use a natural sponge to touch up edges if I need to. When the underglaze dries, you can layer more stencils.