Paper Strip Snowflake

Materials: 6'' x 6'' watercolor paper, watercolor paint, paper cutter, glue

1.) Paint a sheet of watercolor paper. I used the wet on wet technique with rubbing alcohol. You can really use any kind of paper, but I think watercolor is pretty!

2.) When the paper is dry, cut it into .5'' strips. You need 12.

3.) Fold 2 of the strips in half.

4.) Glue the 2 strips together at the folds to make a cross.

5.) Glue 2 strips next to the middle vertical strip very close, but not touching.

6.) Weave 2 more strips horizontally through the vertical strips. Add a small dot of glue to secure them.

7.) Flip the strips over. Twist and glue the 2 strips on the right edge as shown.

8.) Continue with each corner.

9.) Follow steps 3-8 to create another one just like the first.

10.) Lay them together so the "petals" nest in between each other. Glue the strips to the inside of the petals.

11.) You can be finished at this point, or...

12.) Trim the extra off of the petals to make points! You can also add a string to hang it up with!