Using Artsonia, Technology in the Art Room!

I have been using Artsonia for about 8 years in my classroom. In case you don't know, Artsonia is an online art museum for students. Photos of their artwork are published to individual galleries where parents can comment, share and purchase products featuring the artwork!

Visit my school's Artsonia page

A few things I LOVE about Artsonia:

-Parents see the artwork and stay informed about what is going on in art class (I find that students don't often take projects home to show their family).

-When parents purchase products, your art room receives a percentage of the purchase (Last year, I bought an iPad with this money!)

Artsonia is very easy to use. I download a roster with parent e-mails from my school's database, then upload it to Artsonia. They create my roster for me and notify parents. I have an iPad station set up in my room. Students follow directions and take photos with my iPad or their own apple device (at this time, the Android app does not support student submissions.) I approve the photo and the artwork is published! Parents are notified whenever an artwork is published and can comment and purchase products.


-Parents need to activate the artsonia accounts. I wait until we have published art, then check to see who hasn't activated and ask them to remind their parents. Artsonia will also remind them to activate on the first Monday of ever month.

-Students can also enter titles and artist statements (you can provide prompts for the artist statements).

Here are some photos of my iPad station:

My iPad station directions:
1.) Stick your project to the black paper (or set it on your desk)
2.) Open the Artsonia app on the iPad
3.) Click Students
4.) Scan the QR code & click correct
5.) Start typing your name, select it when you see it.
6.) Click add art
7.) Select the project
8.) Take a photo
9.) Crop so none of the black paper shows and select next
10.) Click Submit
11.) Enter a title and statement if you'd like or press skip
12.) Click Home