First Day/ Week Activities- Collaborative Posters

Materials: white paper, ruler, paper cutter, thick permanent marker, colored pencils, markers, glue

1. I drew bubble letters on 18" x 24" pieces of white paper with a thick black sharpie. 

2. Flip the paper over and draw lines at 3", 9", 15" and 21". Use a different color for each letter. This is so you know which letter the sections come from. 

3. Along the lines, number 1-15. This is how you will know the order of sections. Start with 1 on the right hand side since this is where you will start when glueing it back together. 

4.) Cut the papers into 6" squares and hand them out to students. I tell them to do whatever they want, but fill the entire space. We used colored pencils and markers. It might be fun to only use your school colors or other art materials. 

5.) I glued the squares back together on new 18" x 24" papers. The finished product hanging in the hall!


1.) I cut a 24" x 36" piece of white paper into 6" strips. On each strip, a different student wrote one word from our district mission statement. 

2.) Cut the strips into 6" squares and have the students decorate them. 

3.) The final product will hang in our district's central office!