VanGogh Watercolor and Crayon Resist Fields

Materials: watercolor paper, rulers, crayons, pencils, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, salt, rubbing alcohol, paint, brushes.

1.) My students complete sketches (start with a horizon line, add a vanishing point with 4 diagonals, add 3 horizontal lines and create either a road or a river). They need to have at least one example of size: something bigger in the front, smaller in the back
detail: more detail in the front, less in the back
overlapping and placing objects on different parts of the page.

2.) They draw their sketches again on watercolor paper (nothing in the sky, draw lightly, no shading and use a ruler!)

3.) They outline every single pencil line with crayon. I let them color in things that are smaller than their thumbnails to make painting easier.

4.) We take two days for painting. I teach them 2 watercolor techniques (plastic wrap and white crayon) on the first day and tell them not to put two wet painted areas next to each other. I tell them to keep the paints transparent, less paint, more water. 

5.) On the second day, I teach them salt, rubbing alcohol and bubble wrap. They do not have to do all of the techniques, but can if they want to.