Sgraffito Tripod Clay Cups

Materials: clay, rolling pins, sticks (to keep the slabs even), templates, clay tools, underglazes, clear overglaze

1. The students rolled out a slab about .5'' thickness

2. They used a 5'' x 10'' template to cut around

3. They scored and slipped the bottom edge and...

4. The top edge underneath

5. Carefully, they attached the scored and slipped edges to form a cylinder

6. They gently shaped the cylinder into a triangle on one end

7. Then pinched it together and scored and slipped it before blending the seam with their fingers

8. Some students needed to add a small ball of clay to close up the bottom

9. The cups were left out to dry to leather hard, then painted with a few coats of underglaze. The students made stencils or carved designs in free-hand.

10. The cups were bisque fired, then coated with clear glaze!