Slab Leaf Bowls

Materials: clay, bowls, leaves, clay tools, glaze

1. Roll out a slab about 3/4'' thickness.

2. Place leaves on the slab and roll gently over them. You can do this on both sides.

3. Take the leaves off if you can. Cut around a circle template.

4. Press a design into the rim.

5. Drape the slab over the bowl, shape the rim. Add balls or a coil to the bottom.

**When the bowls are dry enough to support their shape, take them off of the bowl molds. Let them dry completely, then bisque fire them.

6. Using underglaze, paint the leaf prints of the bisque fired bowls. With a sponge, gently wipe away some of the underglaze to bring out the details of the leaves. Cover with overglaze and fire again.