Clay Critter Banks

Materials: clay, clay tools, glazes

This is always a favorite!

1. For sketches, I have the students do a front view and a side view by drawing a circle and an oval. They draw the body parts right on the circle/oval, we do not add heads! I have the students choose a mammal for this project.

2. I give the students about 3/4 lb. of clay. They divide it in half and make the halves into balls. They create 2 pinch pots (be careful not to get the rims too thin.)

3. Score and slip the pinch pots together and blend the seam.

4. We create body parts out of coils and slabs. I encourage them to add an accessory (like a hat or a bow) to make their animal unique. I tell them not to let the tails hang off of the body and to make ears thicker so they will not break! Score and slip everything!

5. They add texture and details with various clay tools.

6. We cut the coin slots out with a needle tool. I tell them to make a functional bank, the coin slot has to be big!

**I let these dry for at least a week, then bisque fire them.

7. We use underglaze to paint the banks. I show them how to do mishima (putting underglaze into drawn details, then wiping it with a sponge.)

8.) The banks are covered with overglaze, then fired again!