Watercolor and Glue Pumpkins

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 Materials: 9'' x 6'' watercolor paper, circles to trace, pencils, watercolor paints, glue, sharpie markers

**I have a printable step-by-step handout in my TpT store!**

1. Trace a circle on the watercolor paper

2. Draw the stem:

4. Draw 8 lines that come from the stem and curve them down to the edge of the circle:

5. Cover every pencil line with glue and let it dry:

6. Outline around the glue with a thin sharpie:

7. Paint! We did wet on wet to blend the colors. I had the students paint one section at a time and add yellows, oranges and reds!

8. When the paint is dry, add some contour lines with sharpie by outlining interesting paint shapes.


  1. I love this idea! Will do it tomorrow, thanks!!!


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