Islamic Tiles Radial Design

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Materials: 4.5'' x 4.5'' tissue paper squares, 9'' square white paper, pencils, markers, colored pencils

1. I have triangles for the students to trace in their sketch books. They draw a word inside the triangle so that the letters touch the sides of the triangle. They have to use the three elements of Islamic design, calligraphy, plant-like shapes and geometric shapes. I give them a tissue paper square and they trace their sketch on one half of it.

2. They fold the tissue paper in half and trace what they see through it (not on top of the sketch again).

3. They create a square with graphite crayon to help transfer.

4. I draw a C on one corner of the tissue paper. The C always goes in the corner of the white project paper! They put the graphite square graphite down and put the tissue paper on top. They can use clips if they want to help hold it in place. 

5. They outline every single pencil line with marker. They choose a color vocab word (cool colors, analogous, warm, complementary, etc.) The marker colors have to be the same all the way around the page. I also let them color in shapes that are smaller than their thumbnails because I think this looks nice.

6. They use colored pencils (same colors) to color in their project. Again, it has to be the same all the way around the paper.