My cubism family Mini Project

Materials: white paper, pencils, black glue, chalk pastels

1.) The students chose 2-5 family members (parents, siblings, pets, etc.) to include in their project. They drew oval for heads (it's OK if they overlap).

 2.) We talked about how the Cubists were interested in showing more than one perspective at the same time. The students divide the faces in half by connecting the noses to the tops and bottoms of the faces.

3.) They add details to each face.

 4.) They outline every single pencil line with black glue (I dye it black with India ink and then stir and shake it up to mix it). You could also use black sharpie, but I like the way the glue looks.

5.) We use chalk pastels to add color. It does not have to be realistic. I encourage them to shade blend colors.

They tap the drawings over the garbage can to remove the excess pastel: