Jasper Johns Mini Project

This is a fun and successful mini project that I do with my 6th grade students!

Materials: chalk pastels, index cards, scissors, black construction paper

1.) Choose any number or letter (you could also use shapes, symbols, blobs, etc.) and draw it on an index card so that it does not touch the edges.
2.) Cut the letter out by making only one cut through the edge of the index card. You want to have 2 stencils, a positive shape and a negative shape.
3.) Hold the negative stencil to a black piece of construction paper and fill it with chalk pastels. You can mix colors! Gently smudge the pastels with a tissue while the stencil is still in place!

4.) Do the same with the positive stencil, outlining it with pastel and smudging around it.

 **Only smudge and add pastel when the stencil is on the paper!!**

5.) Continue to add stencils, try overlapping!