Polymer Clay Coral Reefs

1.Choose 2 colors of polymer clay (about a ping-pong ball size of each color). Swirl and squish the colors to marbleize them.

2. Roll the marbleized clay into a slab (an organic oval shape works well.)

3. Using the left-over crumbs from your polymer clay container...

Make rocks at the bottom of the slab!

4. Roll coils, twist them together and flatten them to make seaweed.

    5. Roll thin coils and attach them together to create coral.

    ...Texture the coils with a wooden stick.

6. Create fish and other sea creatures.
Here are some finished examples! We poked 2 holes through the top and attached ribbon to hang them with. They would also make great magnets!


  1. These are great! I was wondering if I could use a photo and link back to this post, but I can't find contact information here. Please let me know if that would be okay. Thanks so much. :)


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