Making leaf bowls with toddlers

1. We walked through my garden and chose leaves and flowers for the bowls. I talked about the plants and encouraged the kids to choose leaves from their favorite fruits and veggies! We arranged the leaves on slabs that I rolled out before the class and then rolled over then with rolling pins. I also let them choose a texture mat to use on the other side.

2. We removed the leaves and used circle templates to trim the slabs. 

3. We pressed fingers and wooden tools along the edges of the slabs to create a nice rim for the bowls.

4. We draped the slabs over plaster slump molds (leaf side down). We then attached small balls of clay to the bottom  for feet. 

5. After the bowls have been bisque fired, we painted them with underglaze. I dipped them in clear overglaze and fired them again.