Flower Power Polymer Clay Pens

Materials: 4 colors of polymer clay, rolling pin, pen, knife, oven

1.) Choose 2 colors for the petals. Roll one color into a coil (about 4'' long) and roll the other into a slab.
2.) Wrap the slab around the coil (like a hotdog!)
3.) Mold the wrapped coil into a petal shape.
4.) Cut the coil into equal sections for the petals (I used 5, but you can use more.)
5.) Arrange the petals around a 1'' coil for the center of the flower.
6.) Fill in the gaps between petals with a background color.
7.) Wrap a thin slab around the outside of the flower.
8.) Very carefully, roll the flower into a coil by pressing along the background color.
9.) Continue to roll the coil until it is about the thickness of a sharpie pen.
10.) Cut the coil into sections (check out your flower design!)
11.) Press the sections onto a pen (remove the ink first.)
12.) Very carefully and slowly, roll the pen until the sections all smoosh together.

Bake according to directions and put the ink back in!