6th Grade Watercolor Hot Air Balloons

This was a fast and fun project I did with my students.
Supplies: index cards, 4.5'' x 6'' watercolor paper, index cards, pencils, crayons, watercolor paints

1.) Fold an index card in half length-wise and draw half of a hot air balloon shape along the folded edge.
2.) Cut it out so you have a stencil.
3.) Trace the stencil on the watercolor paper and add a basket.
4.) To make the sections, draw lines from the top corner to the bottom.
5.) Cut off one of the sections and trace on the watercolor paper.
6.) Cut the second section and trace on the watercolor paper.

7.) Outline all of the pencil lines with crayon. (I also drew clouds with white crayon in the background).
8.) Add patterns to each of the sections with crayon. 

9.) Paint with watercolors! The crayon acts as a resist!