6th Grade Abstract Watercolor Paintings

 Supplies: 6'' x 12'' watercolor paper, pencils, permanent markers, black construction paper, paper cutter, watercolor paints, brushes, salt, rubbing alcohol, bubble wrap, plastic wrap, white crayons

1.) We brainstormed different kinds of lines (wavy, zig-zag, thick, thin, dashed, etc.) and different styles of letters (uppercase, lowercase, cursive, bubble, etc.)

2.) The students chose a word (their name, favorite sport, etc.) and drew 2 ideas for each letter in their sketchbook.

3.) They chose their favorites, and drew their word on 6'' x 12'' watercolor paper with pencil first, going over the pencil with black permanent marker.

4.) I cut each painting into 3'' squares with a paper cutter.

5.) The students scrambled their squares, trying a few different combinations, and then glued them back into a 6'' x 9'' rectangle onto a 9'' x 12'' piece of black construction paper.

6.) I demonstrated some watercolor techniques (salt, rubbing alcohol, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, crayon resist). The students found shapes to paint and try the techniques. I had them use either warm or cool colors, but that isn't necessary.