Which pottery magazines to subscribe to?

Currently, I subscribe to Ceramics Monthly, Pottery Making Illustrated and Clay Times. I'm going to tell you a bit about each of them.

Ceramics Monthly ($7.90 per issue, $34.95 one year subscription of 10 issues.)

Techno file: this feature explores a different topic each month (interface layer of glaze, mixing clay bodies, solubility of raw materials). Much of this is interesting, but not necessarily applicable in my daily studio life...a bit too technical for me.
Suggestions: these are reader-submitted tips, usually common-sense, but nonetheless helpful.
Upfront: upcoming and current exhibitions with some great photos...about 10 pages long.
Studio Visit: this is probably my favorite part of CM. Each month, they visit a different artist and showcase his or her particular studio arrangement, marketing scheme and routine.
Focus: 2-5 articles centered around a broad topic like technology or function that feature various artists.
MFA factor: a different university MFA program is the focus each month.
There is usually another technical article thrown in and then the requisite call for entries/exhibitions/conferences list.

Bottom line: this magazine will interest the "artist" more than the "hobbyist." You won't find step-by-step project ideas, but you will find a lot of information about up and coming ceramic artists.

Clay Times ($7.95 per issue, $33 one year subscription of 6 issues)

"Studio Poster"- a new addition to the magazine and so far, nothing to write home about. It's the size of two magazine pages. The most recent one showcased surfaces (clay stamps, thrown and stretched, etc.)
What's Hot: news/events/calls for entries
Great Glazes: a small column featuring a glaze recipe with photos, usually too specific to be helpful.
The Gallery: photos of ceramics sent in by readers
Slurry Bucket: tips and tricks sent in by readers
As Far As I Know: a monthly column by Pete Pinnel. I'm a fan of this, Pete takes complicated technical things and breaks them down so they are easy to understand.
Beneath the Surface: a monthly column by Lana Wilson
Teaching Techniques: a monthly column by Bill van Gilder with step-by-step instructions for making various projects.
Kilns and Firing: a monthly column by Marc Ward that I usually skip (sorry).
Books and Videos/Tool Times: reviews on the latest books and tools
There are also a few articles thrown in about marketing/ceramic artists/exhibitions

Bottom line: this is a good magazine for ceramic hobbyists looking to learn new techniques. Honestly, this would be the one that I would drop if I had to choose. It's more expensive than the other two and less professional.

Pottery Making Illustrated ($6.00 per issue, $24.95 one year subscription of 6 issues.)

In the Mix: technical or technique focused on a broader scale than CM.
Tools of the trade: recent focuses have been molds, sprayers and underglazes.
Supply Room: recent focuses have been underglaze stamp pads, etching and frits.
Tips from the pros: a different artist each month explains one of their techniques in-depth (handles by Paul Donnelly/stamping by Magda Gluszek)
Feature Articles: Usually focused on a particular artist (about 4 per month) and takes you deeper into their process. Often includes recipes.
Instructor's File- step-by-step instructions for making a particular form by a different artist each month.
Off the shelf- an enhanced review of a book including photos and techniques.
The back page of this magazine is a bit strange...it's always hand-drawn images like "pre-columbian design or spouts." Not sure of the purpose exactly.

Bottom line- this is my favorite of the 3. It's professional and helpful.

I should be unloading a kiln later today if the snow isn't too crazy! I may have spread myself a bit thin with commitments...I applied to two galleries and was accepted into shows at each of them and I am signed up to participate in Artomatic 419. Not a bad spot to be in, but I have been busy!


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