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Clay: I fell in love with porcelain the minute I touched it and have never wanted to work with stoneware again. I use Columbus Clays #215 grolleg porcelain cone 4-7. When I was graduating from college and switching over from reduction cone 10 to oxidation cone 6, I tested a lot of porcelains. I found this one to be the best. It is vitreous at cone six and white and smooth!

Glazes: I use a base glaze from "Glazes Cone 6" by Michael Bailey. He refers to it in the book as Base Glaze 1. I tested a few of his glazes and this is the cone six clear that works the best with my clay. I have little to no crazing with it.

Here is the recipe:
Soda Feldspar 45
China Clay 6
Bentonite 2
Whiting 27
Zinc 5
Silica 25

To make my green, I add 2% copper carbonate
To make my blue, I add .25% cobalt carbonate

To make my rutile, I add 4% rutile

To make my yellow, I add 3.5% of yellow mason stain

To make my pink, I add 3.5% of shell pink mason stain

This glaze will settle, so you can check out what I wrote about deflocculating here


  1. Nice work, very mild & attractive colors.

  2. Very creative! I give that a 10 out of 10 :)


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