Transporting Greenware

Unfortunately, I do not have a kiln at my house. I do however, have a wheel, which means that I need to transport my work to a kiln while it is bonedry. Since it is usually very fragile, I have a few tricks...

I use wine/wine glass/vase boxes because they are divided. You can get these at your local wine or flower shop, or Trader Joe's usually has a stack of them sitting out. For bonedry work, I still wrap it with plastic bags or bubble wrap for extra cushion. I also use these boxes for storing fired work.

I also use ornament storage containers. You can find these online or in stores like Target. These are more durable than boxes, however, they are smaller and only good for storing smaller work like teacups and saucers.

No matter how careful I am, things still get broken, usually because I am in a hurry and I squeeze the box too hard when I'm carrying it!