Stamping Wet Pottery

Lately, I've been stamping my pots to add some interest and variation to the surface. I do my stamping when the pot is no longer tacky to the touch, but before it is ready to trim. You don't want the surface to be tacky because the stamp will not transfer as well and it will be harder to get the pot to stay circular. You don't want the pot to be too dry because stamping will create too much stress to the clay and cause it to crack. Mug ready to stamp:

I make most of my stamps out of sculpey clay. It is a plastic polymer clay that you bake in the oven. This way, I can make my stamps rather quickly and have a new, completed stamp in about 30 minutes. It's also very smooth and non-porous. Bisque-ware, buttons, beads, etc. also make great stamps! Here are some of my stamps:

When I stamp, I support the inside of the pot with my left hand and stamp with my right. Be careful not to stamp too far down if you are planning on trimming! Remember also to leave room for a handle! Stamped mug: