Stencil Resist and Underglaze Inlay on Leather-hard Clay

Materials: Post-it notes (or paper), sponge, towel, water, scissors, underglaze, wax resist, needle tool

1.) I cut all of my stencils from Post-it notes. The paper is thin and works really well for this! Put a towel down and wet the stencil with a clean sponge.

2.) Lay the stencil onto leather-hard clay. Go around the edge with your finger to make sure it's completely adhered to the clay.

3.) Brush a coat of underglaze onto the stencil. Let it dry and brush another coat on if needed.

4.) When the underglaze is completely dry, brush a coat of wax resist over it.

5.) When the wax is completely dry, use a needle tool to carve into the clay.

7.) Paint underglaze colors into the carvings.

8.) When the underglaze is dry, use a sponge to wipe the excess color away.