Glazing Commercial Terracotta Flower Pots

How to glaze pre-made commercial terracotta flower pots!

Materials: Terra cotta pots (available at garden and craft stores), white overglaze (I used Amaco LG-11),  underglaze colors (I used Amaco velvet underglaze), brushes, stickers, sponges

Such a fun, easy and inexpensive project! These would make great gifts or could be used for a fundraiser.

1.) Wipe the pot with a sponge and water to remove dust. Paint 3 coats of white overglaze, letting each coat dry before painting the next. Leave the inside of the pot unpainted to preserve the absorbancy of the terra cotta.

2.) Decorate with underglaze colors (only one coat is needed). You can use sponges and stickers as stencils.

3. Fire to cone 05 and enjoy!

This can also be done with white underglaze first, then colored over, then clear overglaze that. Or, just paint with underglaze and don't add the clear overglaze!


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